Scott Svihula has carved out a niche as an expert in the specialty coffee and tea industry. His discerning palate has garnered him many industry awards and achievements. He further fortifies his multi-faceted skill set encompassing strategic planning, product development, operations, marketing, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, training, sales and field-to-cup production management. He brings exceptional business acumen focused on enhancing sales and revenue growth within regional and nationally leading brands supported by impactful advertising, continuous research, and a talent for identifying and capitalizing on emerging industry trends. Scott recently started his own tea and coffee consulting business, Hula Consulting™, to offer a unique one stop service approach offering everything a company needs to grow, whether they are a startup or have been in business for decades. His customized consulting approach allows companies to capitalize on his skills and knowledge to target specific growth areas.

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 Company founder Steve Steigman’s career began in the early 1970’s working inside diverse natural products industries: Herbs, Spices, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Gourmet Teas and Coffees. Finesse Mills is made up of experts that work together as a focused team to exceed the mandates of clients needing botanical processing and manufacturing. Steve has helped launch and then support thousands of tea, seasoning and natural wellness products. Finesse has pioneered numerous specialized botanical processing technologies in flavoring, roasting, re-capture of waste materials, organic microbial reduction and intricate cleaning of botanicals in every stage of post-harvest condition. 

Finesse has supported an endless stream of entrepreneurs and global enterprises. The Finesse philosophy is one of respect for the inherent nature of plants and the benefit of keeping them as close to their original state as possible for human consumption.  To do this we combine both art and science to reach a superior level of quality which leads to Innovative Natural Solutions.

Finesse utilizes a 4 tiered approach to the total quality process. We start with  concept development for creation of products. Then develop procedures and samples with the process level of mid size sample production. We enter actual test production with the phase up mini- production batch. Then in first run final adjustments are made and the product or process is born. When there is true partnering with the client, associated experts and Finesse following this system control costs with success of the production process being superior.

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Brian is the founder of the Sage Group®, a business publisher, think-tank and product development consultancy focused upon the specialty tea and natural products industries. Brian was the first tea blend master and tea buyer for Whole Foods Market (Allegro), the world’s largest natural foods retailer, and is a top-rated speaker at the annual World Tea Expo. His insights have been showcased in articles in both consumer and business publications globally; Newsweek, The Economist, World Tea News among many others. He also has unique hands-on experience at the retail level, having owned one of North America’s premier tea shops/cafés, and pioneered many retail and foodservice merchandising, marketing, and training methodologies. In addition to formulating over 200 specialty tea beverages, Brian works closely with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 clients to optimize tea (and herbal tea, spices, nutraceuticals) supply chains, market shrewdly and deliver true innovation. 

Rob McCaleb is the founder and president of the Herb Research Foundation and of Natural Healthcare Inc, providing advisory services for natural products development, labeling, marketing and promotion.  He is an Ethnobotanist, trained in Cellular Biology and Botany, specializing in modern use of botanicals and tea products. He is author of The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs. Rob was Research Director for Celestial Seasonings; developing new teas, quality systems and working overseas to improve ingredients at the source. He headed the Technical Committee of the American Herbal Products Association, and was one of only two botanical scientists on the presidentially-appointed Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels, which helped Congress and the FDA implement DSHEA.  He has crafted hundreds of labels and marketing messages for dozens of companies. McCaleb has helped micro, small and medium scale enterprises to succeed and thrive in the natural products marketplace including development of natural product businesses in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Russia. Rob helps companies in formulating, labeling and marketing natural and organic foods, especially tea products, dietary supplements, and personal care products.  He has helped to develop and market many of America's top herbal and tea products both in the natural foods sector and the mass market.

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